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Constitucion #629 at Benito Juarez
Centro Historico
Mazatlan, Sinaloa. Mexico
Reservations: 136-0660
Wine Bar
Wine Bar

You can enjoy wines from our wide selection wine from Mexico, US, Chile, Argentina, Italy, Spain, France. Enjoy a beautiful bottle of champagne from our selection.
Mexico is the oldest wine industry in the Americas, It dates from 1521, one year after the Spanish conquerors colonized Mexico. Wine was part of daily Spanish life. It was needed by church and missions for the mass, to satisfy this demand and to make the country self-sufficient Cortes decreed a law that all the Spanish settlers had to plant vines on the lands they were granted. Here at Topolo, we carry Casa Madero which comes from the oldest winery still in production which is located in Parras, Caohuila in northern Mexico, It is over 400 year old.
Large selection to choose from, including special sipping tequilas, Reserva de la Familia and Los Osuna Añejo.

Cerveza and Spirits

We also offer your favorite Mexican cerveza and fine spirits. Enjoy a favorite Mojito, made with fresh mint from our garden.



Enjoy flaming Mexican or Spanish café made special for you at your table.

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